I talk about my dysfunctional love life, a couple random thoughts, and reblog clothing. Nothing special.

Anonymous asked: just shut up.

omg bye ~(^o^)b

Nvm. I’m making a new one. TOODLES.


I’ve been scared to post but HIIIIIIIIIIII. I guess I’m back on tumblr since I got my computer back. So yay! It’s been a while.

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Lidia Vides

I’m so glad that last night happened.


Haven’t been on tumblr in forever. Okay well I’m done. Re blogged a couple of random relevant crap. I’m going through some tough shit right now. Okay well bye tumblerererersssss~

Maybe one day we’ll end up talking again, maybe one day we’ll go back to being just friends.

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(we talk shit about you because you’re a whore and we’re all sick of your shit so i hope a seagull poops on you or in your mouth soon because you should really just eat shit, ya assface) (btw ur a slore)

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I take 2 steps forward just to take 10 steps back to where I fucking started.

It’s my fault for purposely trying to find out things and being so nosy and then putting myself down, just because I can’t stand the thought of being oblivious to shit and even being a tad bit ignorant. Curiosity hasn’t killed the cat, but made the kitty addicted to it.

Everyone has baggage, and for that reason it should not be used against anyone. Especially on a friend. I carried your baggage when you had it but for some reason you couldnt bear to carry mine when maybe, I just really needed someone to. But some things are better off dealt alone, I guess. Now I just realize I didn’t really need anyone. I’m just talking out of my butt. I’m done now.

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